Audio Monkey

Composition - Production - Sound Design

Audio Monkey is a freelance music production company based in Yorkshire who offer customers a high quality service at an affordable price. With years of experience in music production and sound design, you can be assured that your project will be in safe hands.

Our work involves the process of bringing your projects to life. Past clients include Lost World Media and Park House Studios.

About Us

Audio Monkey founder Stefan Gandhi is a musician, composer, sound designer, and music producer amongst many other talents is a graduate in Music Production from Leeds Metropolitan University.

At the age of 20, Stefan starting playing the bass guitar in a four-piece rock band known as 'Luva Gunk'. The band were fortunate enough to play as the support act for high profile bands such as 'The Buzzocks' and 'Cast'. With hard work and dedication, Luva Gunk had gained national and international recognition in the form of interest from records labels, both in the UK and in the USA.

As a music producer/engineer, Stefan has worked with a range of talented artists including: Titan’s Troubadours, Andrew Burke, Jack Woodward, and more...

His passion for music technology can be heard through all of his past work, whether it’s producing interesting new sounds for a client, or composing an exciting piece of music for a media-related project. He can confidently use different DAW software (i.e. Logic Pro and Pro Tools), and naturally has a broad understanding of VST plug- ins.

What We Do

Do you need sounds for your project? Then why look anywhere else...

Audio Monkey creates audio branding and identity for companies. This includes audio for your TV/Radio advertisement, corporate video, telephone hold music, audio for websites and sonic branding to name but a few. We compose music to accompany your logo/brand with the aim of creating an identity for your company.

Audio Monkey can also provide foley/sound design; this includes anything from field recording to the creation of sound effects. With the key skills developed in composition, recording and production, there is no project too ambitious for Audio Monkey.

Our Rates

Let us know about your project and you will be pleasantly pleased with our rates. Audio Monkey does its best to ensure that our customers are charged a fair price.

Please get in contact with us via or 07975963889.



  • "Working with Stefan on our latest EP was a blast. He is very diligent when it comes to his craft and takes great care in all stages of the process of making an artists vision become reality. He knows his microphones and how to use them, taking due care in microphone selection and placement to suit instrument acoustics and room acoustics. He's at home on the mixing console and an expert in Logic Pro which allows the musician to relax in the knowledge that he will capture that magic take when it happens."

    Jamie Booth - Titan's Troubadours

  • "Stefan helped us with our podcast talk show by providing his audio recording skills and fine tuning of the sound quality. Our equipment was limited to a blue yeti microphone but he managed to get a clean sound and well mixed with the music we played. He also helped with the creation process of our jingle."

    Sam & Marc - Revitalise Talk Show

  • "Understood requirements and produced something we were truly happy with. We will definitely hire Stefan again!"

    Carl Aitken - Lost World Media

  • "I approached Stefan and asked if he could produce an arrangement of the piece that I could use in the recording studio. I provided the sheet music and Stefan embraced the task. Within 5 days, I had a fantastic recording with strings and piano which was very much in keeping with the essence of the piece. Stefan's speed of response and professionalism surpassed my expectations. I recorded the piece using the digital recording from Stefan as a backing track. It was exactly what I wanted and the final recorded piece was very well received. I would most certainly recommend Stefan for any music production work. He is genuinely interested in the work that he does and in working in partnership with other musicians, to produce great music."

    Natalie McGrath - Singer

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